Possession: An American Serial Killer

It's not about lust, not about violence.

It's about POSSESSION.

Possession: An American Serial Killer

It's not about lust, not about violence.

It's about POSSESSION.

The reviews.


"Separate from any real-world connections, Possession does remain entertaining, pairing a lovesick teenager with a menacing predator and exploring the various dynamics such a relationship might provide. Chris Levine brings a terror to Bundy that’s perfect for the Halloween season, making “Possession: An American Serial Killer” a challenging, yet rewarding piece of horror theater."

Stage Raw

"London Levine Pictures’ production of Michael Levine’s Possession: An American Serial Killer gives a whole new meaning to the term bloodlust. Dark and sexual, this gruesome play – directed by Denise Devin – explores the actions of one of America’s most notorious killers. ...Due to its content, this production is definitely for mature audiences only."

NoHo Arts District

"This time of year is strewn with plays that promise to frighten or scare but this play is very different and much more than a cheap thrill to speed your heart and dry your throat. It is visceral and disturbing and real.

The performances feel true, the actors channeling rather than acting and the effect of it all is honestly terrifying. Which is exactly the producer's plan of course."

Are you ready?

Experience the Play...

Possession: An American Serial Killer puts you up close to the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. Working at a suicide call center in the early 70's watch his inner demons emerge by a torn apart girl, Lonnie who is looking for a man to take away all of her pain. (Due to mature content and graphic situations adults only)

Meet Ted

Portraying Ted Bundy is award-winning actor Chris Levine known for his edgy look and shockingly violent acting techniques.  "When my brother sent me his script I knew not only did we have to make it and donate some profits to the VA but I had to portray Ted... I'm nervous because I don't think I'll ever be the same after this performance."

The Writer. A Veteran.

Possession: An American Serial Killer is written by recent NYFA graduate and Air Force Veteran, Michael Levine. "The Air Force helped me get to Los Angeles and follow my dreams. We plan on donating a percentage of profits to the VA where they have helped me tremendously since deployment too."

Who's Who Cast

Chris Levine

(Ted Bundy) writer, producer and star of Anabolic Life is ecstatic to make his theatre debut as none other than Ted Bundy. After reading his brother's play he knew he had to produce it AND play Ted. His latest movie, Anabolic Life just earned him a Best Actor award at the Orlando Film Festival for his truly method performance. “My "method" scares me for this type of role, a serial killer with intelligence is a scary place to go. I want to thank my brother for allowing me to portray Ted, my parents for supporting us and everyone who has bought a ticket.”  IG: @onlychrislevine

Anza Seller

(Lonnie) began her career at the age of 7 as Gretl in The Sound of Music at the Hollywood Bowl only to continue with projects in television and commercials. After a brief absence from the industry she looks forward to returning to the stage in this beguiling look at the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy. “Lonnie is like no character I’ve had the pleasure of being before. Not only do I see it as wonderful way to dive back into theatre, but as an artistic challenge that is equally frightening and thrilling to undertake. IG: @classicanza 

Berna Roberts

(Anna) is a Los Angeles based LGBT, Multi-ethnic Actress originally from East Chicago. She has appeared in dozens of films including Meet the Fockers, War of The Worlds, and a multitude of independent films for the SyFy Channel, Amazon, and Netflix.You can catch her on TV as Kelly in the OutTV Network Series Boystown, the soon to be released TV Series: MILFriend, Growing Up Immigrant, and Temporary Insanity. Look for Berna in the 2020 Television Series “The Fallen” alongside Quinton Aaron, Kevin Nash, and John Kap filming next Spring.Berna studies Improv Comedy with Actor Stephen Tobolowsky and at The Groundlings Studio. IG: @bernaroberts

David O'Hara

(Morgan) is a writer/director that has also acted in such classic movies as Sylvester Stallone’s Over The Top, Armed Response with David Carradine and has starred in such movies as Avenging Angel, The Tomb and was in Quentin Tarentino’s first movie; My Best Friend’s Birthday. And who can forget, Star Worms II: Attack of the Pleasure Pods. (Has anybody ever seen it?) David O’Hara also wrote and directed the hit comedy, The Mojo Café, which was an Official Selection at the Santa Fe Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival and the Minneapolis SMMASH Festival as a Special Guest. 

Who's Who Crew

Denise Devin

Director of Possession: An American Serial Killer, Denise Devin calls her artistic home Zombie Joes Underground Theatre Group, and has happily been with the company 18 years, many of them as Lead Director. She has directed approximately 50 plays, garnering critical acclaim for many of them from the LA Times, LA Weekly, and Stage Raw. She has been nominated for 10 directing awards, and received 4. She edits and directs most of the Shakespeare at ZJU, and has written or co-authored, and directed 10 children's musicals, which have also received critical acclaim both in L.A. and New York. In addition, she has written 10 short plays that have been produced in many L.A. Theaters. She started life as a dancer and studied at the National Ballet School of Canada. 

She is honored to direct this new play by brand new playwright, Michael Levine. It is always a privilege to be the first one to bring a new play to life and she thanks both Chris and Michael for this opportunity. She is also grateful and honored to work with such a talented cast, who have made this journey a privilege and a joy to share! Thank you so much!!! And Enjoy!

Michael Levine

Writer of Possession: An American Serial Killer, Michael Levine is an Air Force Veteran and New York Film Academy Graduate(NYFA) with a B.A. in Screenwriting. Possession: An American Serial Killer is something he wrote while attending NYFA for a class project. “I didn’t want to just write a normal play, it’s been done, I wanted to write something scary and real and base it off one of the most charismatic serial killers of all time, Ted Bundy.” 

When he is not writing screenplays, Michael is a trained MMA fighter and bodybuilder with a love for all things horror. It was also his idea to donate a portion of proceeds to the Veteran Affairs(VA) as they helped him get into and afford NYFA and continue to help him forward his writing career today. “We have a tremendous cast, a talented Director and a space designed for up close and personal material at the ZJU Theatre.” 

He is excited for you to enjoy his play and he’d like to thank his family for the support, his brother for taking the reigns and putting it together and you for enjoying the evening with us.  

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